Saturday, December 12, 2009

Once Upon A Time in the Land of Cheese and Sunkist

Not sure how many of you read the blog above done by Amy W. but it is very good and you should... She recently did a VLOG about a person that offered her unwelcome opinion about WLS... I have to agree that it fired me up. But then I read some of the comments and the one that I am about to share in particular just literaly made me sick to my stomach... Let me know how it makes you feel:


Look, I have nothing against fat people. What they do is their own business, but I don’t want to see them kissing, much less under the Eiffel Tower. Why do they have to go rubbing their lifestyle in my face? How do I explain that to my kids?

(Seriously, I’m getting all those vommitty side effects just reading about the ad.) Reply
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The Chainsmoking Countess
Bitching About the Peasants... In Style. (this is the name of her blog)

So now being over weight to this person is a "life style" that she has to explain to her children... WTF are you kidding me. And she does not want to see overweight people kiss... I can't even get myself under control... This is such an in your face comment by this bitch and all I want for Christmas is her address so I can shove my life style up her ass... People have such nerve... I also clicked on her picture to see where it would go and she has some pom pas ass blog that seems to regularly put down other people...

Is this really what people think about overweight people... That we are a life style chose... Am I being over sensitive about this or does it just chap your ass also?


Debi said...

Yes, I wanted to punch her in the face & I am not a violent person!! It just irked me that she said "our lifestyle". And not wanting to see us kiss in public. As if it was ok to see skinny people kiss in public but not fat people!!

Yes, I wanted to tell her off big time!!! I still see red just thinking about it!!

Gen said...

Okay, I read this as a sarcastic comment - not literal. Like comparing fat people to gays? Maybe its just my wishful thinking, but I hope she was joking! Either way, bad joke.

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

I never saw this but it does sound extra rude! The vomitting part, uh!

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