Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wanting to Binge!

It was weird this week... the whole band family was in a huge craving mode... We just wanted to eat a lot and something really good... I swear it is because of the season change and we are all actually animals and are going into hibernation mode.

So on Thursday we were going to order pizza and pig out. I ordered an extra large pepperoni and sausage and a small combo... large one for my banded son and the two other kids (they are six and eight) and the small combo for me and the hubby...

Well as much as we wanted to let go and just feed the frenzy... our little artificial body part said no. I guess it was doing it's job damn it. I was able to eat two slices of a small pizza and I was tapped out, I could have stopped at one but I was determined to get my craving satisfied... My mind set before the evening started was i was gonna eat half of that damn pizza. My son's plan was to graze on the deliciousness all evening and play his video games... Tapped out at since and also like me a little later in the evening was determined to have one more just because. Hubby was only able to eat the toppings off of two small slices and a little crust. But again remember he is the chosen one in the family having a harder time at the getting things stuck...

Remember the good old days.... Here is a typical night at Native New Yorker pre band for our family:

Large Pizza
3 Dozen Wings
Potato skins
Basket of Fries or Mozzarella Sticks
3 or 4 large beers for me and hubby each
Unlimited soda' for the kids
And then on the way home stop and pick up a desert or stop for ice cream

Now that was just dinner. On a normal day I would have had Starbucks and some sort of a pastry for breakfast... snacked on the candy dish (no big deal they were snack size!) until lunch and then maybe no lunch or something from a fast food place or a work luncheon that would have consisted of way to much food. Snacked on the candy dish until I left work... Got home knowing I was going out to dinner and would have had a couple of beers to get primed to go have a couple of beers and probably a slice of cheese or two or some chips or pretzels, god forbid if I had something to drink with out food to do go with it.... And then off to dinner.

And then I wonder how I hit a top weight of 387 in January 09. It absolutely amazes me how much food a body can actually consume. And I was teaching these patterns to my children.. My banded son obviously at 19 had already picked up these terrible habits... I still have hope for the two little ones... Other then the obvious reasons for wanting to lose weight, those two were a lot of me reason for getting banded. At 43 years old and 387 I wanted to be around long enough to see them grow old. At the rate I was going that wasn't going to happen...

ps... my son drives when we are out to dinner drinking so please don't think we drink and drive with the kids in the car!


pookie said...

Sounds like you guys are doing a great job!
How much have you guys lost so far?

Danise said...

The boys are down close to 50 each and I am down 40...

Gen said...

I have a hard time being around pizza and not going wild...But getting better at it!

It is amazing how much we could (would) eat pre-band!

DB said...

This sounds sooo familiar!

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