Thursday, December 17, 2009

OMG... i had my surgery six months ago tomorrow. To date I have not tried on any other clothes then what I have. I am down just about 50... Was hoping for 10 pounds a month but that is ok, the Holidays are not helping me out whatsoever right now. But I am on a livet not a diet.

Anyway, I went in Steinmart tonight to by a gift for a friend. She loves the store and I have never been in it... I ventured over to the women's section to see how high the sizes went. They only went to a 24 so I laughed and said I am still stuck in the large size women's store... I looked at a jacket on the wall and thought it was cute so I picked up the 3x to see what it looked like and IT FIT OVER MY CLOTHES... Now I really don't know how clothes should fit since I have been buying tent size clothes for the last 20 years thinking that covering up my body must look better so I am very used to things just hanging on me. I got excited and so did my little ones that were with me. This made me go back to the pants and try the 24...

I went in the changing room AND THEY FIT! I am still wearing my size 30 pants that are absolutely hanging on me to the point of embarrassment now and these actually fit very comfortably. I know they are still in the women's section but for me that has been buying 28 to 30s and 4x to 5x shirts, I wanted to cry. I could not believe it.

I was so afraid to try on clothes because the was going go be my proof that I have not changed and I didn't want to go there. It doesn't matter that my current clothes are actually falling off of me but I keep wearing them out of security. Still have not figured this out but hopefully I will see myself a little differently...

I can tell you that this gave me huge inspiration. I have been holding at 312 for a couple of weeks and it it driving me crazy. I got down to 309 on Turkey day (my fill was the monday before turkey day and I weighed 317 at that) and I knew it would go up a little once I started eating regular food after my three days of liquid but I can not move from 312 right now. But seeing how close I am to size 18 makes me so excited. I never thought i would be so happy to be in an 18. Of coarse I want to be lower but for me that is just a beautiful size in my mind.

So anyway a 24 means to me that I can shop at the women's section of many more stores then just the large size only shops. I love you dearly, large size ladies store, because you are who I have been for so many years and you were always there for me... But I have to move on now my friend! Thank you for being my source of comfort with clothes. But I have a new friend now and she is WAY LESS EXPENSIVE!


Have a great Friday!


Debi said...

You can believe it Danise!! 50 lbs is a significant amount of weight loss!! But I do understand your not knowing what size you were actually in at the moment.

I was Banded 4 weeks ago today & I have lost a total of 29.6 lbs (including the Pre-Op Diet) & have not ventured into a store to even try on clothes.

I have plenty of (outdated) clothes in smaller sizes that I can wear for a while. But I haven't even tried them on! I just keep wearing the larger clothes, like you said, "out of security".

Maybe after Christmas, I will venture into the darkness of the back of my closet & try on the smaller clothes to see where I am at now.

Happy Holidays

AJM said...

Many congratulations! It is very exciting to put on a smaller size and find it FITS!

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

OMG! fabulous you went down 3 sizes in jeans in 6 mths and didn't even know it! that's great! I can't believe you'd been waiting, I tried clothes on every 10 lbs I lost b/c I was so excited to go smaller. Just so ya know, Target carries some very flattering jeans that go up to 24, and even 26 I think. Target is a great place for cute clothes it's where I get almost ALL my stuff!

meandmygizmo said...

Welcome to my blog! Thanks following me! I do believe we are Band Sisters born on the same Band day! ;-)

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