Friday, October 16, 2009

What a trip

Well... Here I am. I have never blogged before but I feel like I have a lot to say about my (our) experience as a family banded... I was banded on June 18, the same day that my husband was. My son was banded on June 11... We sent him in first! Just kidding. It has been a trippy experience to say the least. All of the emotion, trial and error and just not really knowing what to expect or the correct way to do this hole band thing...

Thus far I would say we are doing pretty good. The guys have lost somewhere in the 40's and I am in the 30's so I can't complain.. Eating can sometimes be hard especially for my husband, he seems to have the most problems out of all of us. Get's stuck a lot but he also ended up back in the hospital hours after he came home from surgery for an additional 4 days because he swelled shut. He is convinced the best diet ever is morphine and IV fluids... sounds fun to me! So I think he will have a harder time then my son and myself since he has had problems from the beginning...

My son went into his experience pushing the limits from day four post op... he always tried to see how much he can get away with. I think that is something a 19 year old boy would do anyway... But after a month or two he got serious and is doing great. He is also close to his sweet spot, he wants to eat more but his band reminds him at each meal he cant... so success.

Me... I think I don't give myself enough credit... I keep thinking that I should be thinner then I am. I guess I have the mindset of gastric bypass and how they are down 100 pounds in a week. But that is OK... my mind will catch up with my progress sooner or later. For now I will just keep on trucking.

More to follow as I get more courage to express myself completely....

Danise :)


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