Thursday, October 29, 2009

Leaving for Vegas tomorrow night... Looking forward to getting away. It is also my 9 year anniversary with hubby. The two little ones are coming with us as they have wanted to see Vegas for a very long time....Don't know what they are expecting but we will make it fun for them.

I need a fill so that means I will probably eat my way through Vegas and I don't want to.. but 24 day since my last fill and I am back to being able to eat what I want. I have an appointment scheduled already for next week Wednesday so hopefully I won't do to much damage. I am looking forward to my next 8 to 10 pound jump from the fill... That will get me down in to 307 if I can get the 10 mark...Hopefully I will hit my goal of 299 by Turkey day! That would be a great way to celebrate and that would put me at 56 pound gone in 5 months... I will keep my fingers crossed.

I find it amazing that the last couple of days I have been craving fast food so bad... I have been asking people at work where they are going for lunch and if they can pick me up something... But just when they are ready to go, I change my mind and eat what I brought for the day. But for the time between asking to pick me up something and them leaving all I can think about is what I want to order... Why am I doing this? I have to say my hardest thing right now is soda... If it didn't hurt to drink it I would but it actually gives me a stomach ache so I guess that is a good thing...

I had a conversation (back and forth email) with a friend today and we were discussing biggest loser (love that show) sad that Abby left she still needed to be on the ranch (for you that follow the show) Anyway I told my friend that I am afraid if I don't figure out why I gained this weight, it will all come back again no matter what surgery I have to help... We are overweight for a reason... And when you let yourself get to 382 (highest weight) there is definitely an underlying issue... Its not like I gained the freshman 40 because I started to go to kegger parties in college...

I let myself get 200+ pounds over weight... Do you know why you are overweight? Have you taken care of the underlying issues that got you this way? I would love to hear what you are doing to make the luggage of your life go away.

Happy Thursday... and here is to a great TGIF!


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