Saturday, November 7, 2009

About Me

-Age: 44
-Annoyance: Stupidity… lazy co workers
-Animal: Cat
-Actor: Kevin Costner Vince Vaughn

Birthday/Birthplace: June 8th in Redwood City Ca
Body part on men: That V shape of the upper torso and hands
Been in love: Deeply a couple of times
Been bitched at: To many times
Believe in yourself: No… not really
Believe in God: Yes and in Goddess
Before weight: 355, highest ever was 382 in Jan 09 – scared the hell out of me.

Car: Dodge Ram Truck and a Ford Focus
Candy: Snickers and Twix
Color: Green
Cried in school: Many times
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
Chinese or Mexican: Mexican at home Chinese dining out
Cake or pie: Pie – Lemon
Country to visit: If I only get one it would be all over America.

Day or night: Night
Danced: Yes and Love it
Do the split: Never have

Eggs: Soft Boiled
Eyes: Green

First Crush: I think his name was Scott in Kindergarten
First thoughts after waking up: What am I going to eat?
Favorite food: Pizza

Greatest Fear: Losing my children
Goals: To be physically, mentally, emotionally spiritually and financially happy.
Get along with your parents? I think my mom and I go through the motions because you’re supposed to love each. I will never make her happy no matter what I do…My dad is a control freak, but I KNOW he loves me; It’s a love I can feel… I can’t say I know my mom REALLY loves me like a mom should. She says she does.

Good luck charm: In the past I have tried to create one. But I don’t really have one…

Hair color: dark blonde – light brown
Height: 5’9”
Happy: No… if I am to be totally honest.
Holiday: The fall holiday. .
Health Freak: In my mind I am, but my actions are not… It’s a weird thing I struggle with.
Hate: Child abuser, Rapist (they should both be put to instant death) Women who sleep with other woman’s man. If they didn’t men couldn’t cheat. It’s that simple.

Ice cream: Jamocho Almond Fudge butter
Instrument: I have played the guitar when I was in elementary school… I wish I could play the piano

Jewelry: Pretty basic…wedding ring, spoon ring and earrings.
Job: Insurance Account Manager for large construction firms

Kids: 3 (Boy 19, Girl 8, Boy 6
Kickboxing or Karate: I would love to do kick boxing
Keep a journal: No…I just started blogging so that is kind of a journal

Longest Car Ride: 19 hours from Northern CA to AZ
Love: Not sure what the questions is…I am in love, have been in love. Love to me is just knowing the other person loves you and you don’t have to wonder if they really do.
Laughed so hard you cried: Laughing is my favorite thing to do, so yes many times.
Love at first sight: No one can love someone at first sight… That is lust. And Lust at first sight is fun also.

Milk flavor: Regular whole milk like we drank when we were kids. Now it’s 1%
Movie: Practical Magic
Mooned anyone: My husband
Marriage: I am (twice) now you understand one of my HATES!
Motion Sickness: Once or twice in my life.
McDonalds or Burger King: Burger King regular little hamburgers and McDonalds fries and ice coffee

Number of siblings: 0
Number of Piercing: 2
Number: 5 seems to show up in my life a lot… not sure why.

One wish: Peace, when you are at peace that means everything in your life is good… That is one word that sums up the best of everything.

Place you'd like to live: Coast of California
Perfect Pizza: Round Table
Pepsi or Coke: Coke

Questionnaires: They make you think about yourself every now and then and make you see how your thoughts/opinions change over your life.

Reason to cry: When I feel like I can’t do “it”…”It” being whatever it is at any given moment.
Reality TV: I love Top Chef and Biggest Loser
Roll your tongue in a circle: Yes

Song: Anything by Stevie Nicks
Shoe size: 9 or 10 depends on the shoe
Salad dressing: Blue Cheese or My dad’s 1000 Inland
Skipped School: More then I want to admit.
Sing well: My kids say I do…
Strawberries or blueberries: Strawberries because they are less expensive… But I do like both

Time for bed: Usually around mid night and up at 4 am. Not good.
Thunderstorms: One of the best things Mother Nature can give us… I love them
TV: I watch a lot of it.

Unpredictable: I am pretty predictable… You can guarantee that I am going to be ticked off at any given moment at something.

Vegetable you hate: Egg Plant
Vegetable you love: Salad…Any kind.
Vacation spot: I want to go to a nudist beach at goal... Just something I have always wanted to do… That seems like it would be so freeing.

Weakness: Cheese and Wine
When you grow up: I want to be responsible
Which one of your friends acts the most like you: I don’t have close friends anymore… I moved away from them 15 years ago and have never really made new ones… Just acquaintances. I don’t trust anymore.
Wanted to be a model: I want to look like one but not actually have that be my career...

Xrays: A few

Year it is now: 2009
Yellow: was my favorite color when I was a kid… I still like it but never use it… Don’t know why.

Zoo: They are ok... I don’t really like to see locked up animals
Zodiac sign: Look up Gemini in the dictionary and you will see a picture of me… You can’t be more Gemini that me.


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