Thursday, November 12, 2009


I've come to the conclusion that I am working against myself and didn't even know it. I joined daily plate and have been logging my food. From what I thought was healthy I can now see my carbs are way out of whack. I am getting a ton of protein but my carbs are half of my pie chart... That can't be good. They are not bad carbs but carbs from things like Greek yogurt ( I refuse to give that up) slim fast, protein bars and granola that I am putting in my yogurt... Its not a lot of items but they sure add up...

Then my next thing is lack of sleep. I function off of 3.5 to 4 hours of sleep a night. This is really just a nap. And I think it is killing me literally. This has been going on now for about three months and I don't think I can make it much longer. My son and I carpool together. He has to be at school at 6:30 and it is about 45minutes away, we leave the house at 5:30 so he can drop me off. I get to work about 5:45 and then get done around 4... I do the normal evening stuff and I just done' seem to get to bed before 12:30 or 1:00 am. I am exhausted

Third is the stress of my job. So you mix carbs, no sleep and high stress and my body is not letting go as fast as it should with the amount of food that I am eating.

With that said I guess it's time to make choices in what is good for me and not what is good for everyone else. I am going to have to so something about the car pool thing. Getting to work everyday two hours early is ridiculous, staying up so late so I can possibly see my husband for a few minutes at night is not working (swing shift guy) and then I have to start saying no at work. It all sounds so easy when I am typing it but good luck doing it.

Another annoyance AGAIN is the fill thing. I got my last fill on Nov 3rd, I really thought this one was it, i got a shrimp somewhat stuck just last night and then restriction gone today. I am at 7.5 of my 11cc realize band. I am starting to get nervous that I am going to run out of cc's to fill. I got exactly 8 days of restriction this time, dropped 5 pounds since last Wednesday and now here we go again. What is really weird is I know my restriction is gone as soon as I can burp again. When i am tight it is next to impossible for me to burp.

So back to will power again for two weeks. I am actually getting a fill the day before thanksgiving... NO Turkey for me this year and I don't really care. I got out of cooking.

I really wanted to hit 299 for turkey day, but that is 15 pounds away and I don't see if happening with no restriction again. We will see.


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