Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back from Sin City

Got back yesterday (actually Tuesday I started this last night) and to the DR today... got a fill and boy did I need it... On Oct 5th I was 326...fill number three...

By Oct 30th I was 323...In between I was down to a low of 316 and back up... At the Dr's today I was 322... Which means I actually lost a pound after being in Vegas for 4 days. Not bad. He always tries to be encouraging and said 1 pound a week is great. Let's face it we all want more then 1 pound a week but it is what it is. I did tell him I got down to 316 and was disappointed that I went back up as soon as I didn't have any restriction. He told me that he wants me coming in every three weeks now to catch the loss of restriction before the weight shows back up on the scale...

Now skipping forward to today (Thursday) My hubby also got a fill yesterday. He is the one that has the most problem out of all of us. Well this time he really proved what a jack ass he is (again said with love) He got his fill, drank his water and told the doc all was good... We leave. As we walk out the door, he spits out his water. I was furious. He proceeds to keep spitting and foaming and says he will be fine. He drops me back at work he proceeds to work. Well, needless to day I get a call at home from the darling late that evening and he is saying you better call and get me in tomorrow as this isn't going to work. He can't even keep is saliva down. I am so angry at him for being such an idiot with his band... He gets home around 2 am from work and is just miserable he has been foaming and spitting now for about 14 hours... He says he is going to lay on the couch. Well all I heard all night long is him waking up gasping for air and chocking on his own spit because if you can't swallow there is no where for it to go. And if your asleep and can't swallow, your going to chock... HELLO!!!! I swear he was going to drown... Needless to say I was up all night long worrying and before you know it my alarm goes off at 4:30 am and I have to get up.

I call the after hours service at 5:30 when I get to work so they can let the doc know he is coming in as soon as they open. He shows up they take out a cc and he is on his way. I lecture him and of coarse now that he is able to get water down he is back to his cocky little self and saying I was fine... I swear I am going to kill this man if he doesn't pull his head out of his ass.

Now I ask why are men so damn annoying. If if it wasn't for their muscle to move heavy things for me... and that other part that I am so fond of I would be a lesbian. They have the right idea. If I could just get myself to be sexually attracted to the same sex I would be good to go, but that damn little man part just keeps me coming back.. Oh well maybe in my next life!

Anyway, got my fill yesterday at 11 am... I was good all day yesterday with the liquids and up until tonight when i was fixing the kids some chicken... I had a few bites.. I KNOW, liquids only but I was so hungry and it tasted to good. I chewed it like crazy and just enjoyed the flavor in my mouth... no stuck but the RESTRICTION WAS GREAT!!! Just hope I can keep this one for the next three weeks. From yesterday until this morning I was 322 at the doc's and 318 at home this morning... I love how fast it moves with a fill. If only it would stay that way and stay off.

This will get you... Hubby was 340 at the doc's yesterday at 11:30 and this morning at 9:30 when he was back he was 329... he lost 11 pounds over night... obviously not being able to swallow he was losing all kinds of water weight and probably starting to dehydrate, so I am sure it will be back on now that he is drinking and eating soup, but WOW to bad we can't work it like that everyday!

I also wanted to mention the trend I was seeing catching up on every ones blogs after being gone for four days... People seem to be happy and liking who they are. They are realizing that this is going to work and it's OK to have some CANDY for Halloween and the band is keeping them from going crazy and falling off the proverbial wagon again... This isn't weight watchers. We can't just stop and say oh well I will try again another day. We have this little artificial part that says you are not going to stop this time you are going to do it... It may be slow and steady and it's not gastric bypass fast but damn we are gong to be frickin hot this time and I can't wait for the plastic surgery!

Happy almost Friday to you all!


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