Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 24 It's Hot

Made it to boot camp today. Working out in AZ right now is a little difficult. It was a brisk 116 today and when your work out gym only uses a swamp cooler it was about 88 degrees in the room. Just a whole lot of sweating going on.

I asked the coach what the average calorie burn is for our boot camp and they estimate it to be around 1000 calories.. Give or take due to ability and body size. So no matter what, this is a tough workout. My son just started going with me and he now realizes what I was talking about when I say it's the hardest thing I have ever done. He now knows his old mom is a little tougher then he thought!

I started using the app and I really like it. It is amazing how many calories we eat even when your banded. My delish salad as I call it has way over a 1000 calories with all the crap I was putting on it. I thought I was being healthy. Now that was just my salad that I eat EVERYDAY. That does not count the soda or vitamin water I was downing with it or any crackers or cookie I might of had with it. So add in whatever I ate for dinner now I see why my progress has been slow. So this handy little tools is going to help me out a lot. My suggested calories for the day is 1270 to be on track to lose 2 pounds a week. We will see how that all works out. If you are on, send me a friend request. I would love to have more friends to support. My name on there is barronsaz65. I did fine for my first day of calories. It will make me eat correctly which is what I need.

Since the day of my surgery I have never counted calories or weighed/measured anything. I just ate what I could. I drink at all my meals. I drink soda and beer. My way has worked obviously I have lost 110 pounds since surgery (I lost 31 before surgery from my highest weight)but it has taken two years to get this far. And I did absolutely no exercise. I am convinced it would have went a lot faster but I didn't want to stop living. But I am now at that point of wanting to be done with this. So I am ready to do it the right way. I do have to say, losing weight makes you even more motivated to lose weight. Crazy how that works.

Cheers to pounds lost and never found again!

Blog at cha later ;)


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